The last couple of weeks have been tough!  While you may have found that customers are unwilling to visit physical shops, you can be sure that customers are still browsing, still exploring, still willing to spend.  To make sure your business is available and exciting to trade with during tough times, the WIKID Agency has put together a tough times survival guide.

#1: You MUST have a website

Over the last 18 months, customers engagement with websites has increased by up to 70% – Read more here. If your business doesn’t have a website, your customers are unable to explore what you have to offer from the safety and comfort of their homes.

The WIKID Agency has a variety of exciting website packages starting with an effective 1 page to tailored website wonders – Read more here

#2: Would your brand benefit from an online shop?

Recent studies show that over 2.14 billion people shop online – Read more here. From services to products, having an online shop could be the answer to keeping your business going regardless of lockdowns or restrictions. 

The WIKID Agency are experts at the design, function and gorgeous presentation of products and services to entice customers to purchase online.


#3: Choose which social media platform works best for your business

Understanding where your customers engage online is key to effective marketing.  Creating professional, exciting social media posts takes time so strategically choosing which social media platforms will work for your business is important.

The WIKID Agency specialises in online marketing strategy and has worked across industries and countries.  We are able to assist you with expert advice on which social media platforms to invest in and which platforms to leave out of your marketing mix.

#4: Make sure your online presence is SPECTACULAR

An interesting aspect of online marketing many businesses don’t consider is that once something appears online, it is very difficult to remove it.  This is because it may have been shared, photographed, saved etc.

As a result, creating gorgeous, well thought through visually appealing, content driven content is very important.  Research shows that great social media content is 66% more likely to result in customer engagement -Read more here.

If you’re unsure what to post where and when, then the WIKID Agency is here to help you with professionally written and designed social media posts that elevate your brands reputation – Contact us here today.

#5: Personally, engage with customer

One of the key aspects of any online marketing is to be present.  When customers ask questions or engage with your content, you need to “be” there.  Now we know that being available 24/7 in social media content can seem like an impossible task, however, artificial intelligence can be used to increase the online presence of your brand.

Chat to the WIKID Agency here about integrating AI into your website for increased online presence.

#6: Marketing and sales process integration

Bringing hundreds of leads into your business will be completely wasted if you don’t have a sales process that can scoop these leads up and convert them to paying business.  Before you open the marketing tap you need to have a sales and operational plan in place to deal with the potential growth.


#7 Measure, Measure, Measure

Setting goals for your business, even when times are really difficult, will help your team to stay positive and focused.  Some marketing goals to think about include:

  •  Social media post reach and engagements (likes, shares etc)
  • Website hits – in other words how many people visit your website.
  • Sales leads
  • Money in the bank

Here at the WIKID Agency we are passionate about marketing activities that produce real results.  Regardless of how difficult the environment might be, we believe that with the right strategy there is an incredible opportunity to connect with customers.

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