Studies show that the average increase of social platform usage has increased by over 30% in the 18 months since COVID-19 has turned the business world upside down.

With so many consumers available on online platforms taking advantage of this massive and unexpected increase in customer engagement is something businesses need to engage in, and quickly – read more here

However, with any “gold rush” comes a variety of risks. One of these is knowing what to expect from a digital agency so that you can rest assured your brand is in safe hands.  With combined experience of over 40 years and servicing clients across industries locally and abroad, here at the Wikid Agency we’ve witnessed and learnt a lot about what needs to be in place for a successful digital agency and client relationship. To read more about us, click here.

In part one of this article, you will learn about digital agency contracts, expectations, marketing rights, strategy and more.  Look out for part 2 of this article in which we’ll be discussing a range of services your digital agency needs to be offering as well key management aspects your digital agency should be taking care of.

So let’s dive in. The top 11 questions you need to consider when hiring a digital agency:

#1: Is there a written contract between you and the digital agency?

First, and most importantly, in any business relationship is a written document with expectations, budgets and costs. You need to ensure that you have a document that provides clarity on all of these factors so that if something in the relationship doesn’t work out, you have an agreed upon outline of expectations – read more here.

#2: What should your digital agency be providing you with?

Before you begin any relationship with a digital agency, make sure you have quality information on exactly what they offer, along with previous projects or organisations they have worked with and their qualifications.  Marketing is an enormous field of study and just because someone knows how to use a digital platform it doesn’t necessarily qualify them to rollout a digital marketing strategy.  Take a look at the Wikid Agency team qualifications, along with projects we’ve been involved in here.

#3: What marketing rights do you have?

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember #3!  As the owner of the business and brand, you have the rights to the digital platforms.  If your digital agency is setting up digital platforms for you, make sure you have the passwords and login details for those platforms.

#4: Does your digital agency provide you with a marketing strategy?

The next questions you need to ask yourself when taking a look at hiring a digital agency is whether the agency is able to provide you with a digital strategy.   Truly understanding how customers in your industry engage with a particular digital strategy could save you thousands in trial-and-error digital marketing.   The Wikid Agency has over 40 years combined experience in strategic marketing with #KickAss results – Contact us here

#5: Does your digital agency work with branding?

Did you know that Coca Cola spends in excess of $4 Billion on branding per year? – Read more here.  Branding is so much more than just clever graphic design and copy. It is the essence of who your business is and how your business can help solve customer problems.  As a result, making sure your branding is being taken care of across digital platforms must be a key question you ask your digital agency.

Asking your digital agency a range of questions up front will help you save thousands while ensuring a very clear understanding of marketing objectives, expectations and measurables.  This not only helps to protect your business, but will also help to improve communication and productivity. 

Look out for part 2 of the 11 really important questions you need to be asking your digital agency coming next month.

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