Marketing, and in particular online marketing, is all the buzz these days as businesses scramble to adapt to a COVID-19 economy that demands new and innovative ways of reaching customers.  Despite this as 50% of SMEs don’t have a marketing strategy – read more here. The Wikid Agency has a local and international reputation for getting results fast, so we thought we’d share 7 steps to help you achieve business results with our #Wikid Marketing Plan.

Marketing Plan

Step 1: What do you want?

With only 5% of small businesses reaching their goals knowing what you want to achieve is incredibly important – read more here .  When you know what you want to achieve, you can implement step 2 through 6 of the #Wikid Marketing Plan relatively easily, but defining exactly what you want is the most important step of all.

Here are some pointers to get you thinking:

  • Do you need more money? If yes.

o    Do you want to get in more customers or could you grow your current customer base with extension on products and services?

  • Do you need more time? If yes.

o    What can you simplify?

o    What can you outsource?

o    What can you automate?

If you are struggling to answer these questions, give the Wikid Agency a call and we’ll help you refine your goals


Step 2: What does your customer want?

The next step in the #Wikid Marketing Plan is defining what your customer wants.  You need to consider market trends, the environment your customer is currently dealing with. Think through how your products and services could make your customer’s life easier and most importantly what problems you solve for them.

If you’d like more formal customer research done, then contact the Wikid Agency here.  We have experience across a wide range of industries and can assist you with formal customer research and analysis.

Marketing Plan

Step 3: Know what your competitors are doing.

94% of businesses are investing in Competitor Intelligence – Read more here.  If you have a tendency to brush aside competitor activity assuming that your own business is doing things best, it’s time to change tack.  There is so much to be learnt from observing your competition, including insight into customer reactions and trends.

If you’d like a full brand audit done on your small business give the Wikid Agency a call.  Our brand audits include a comprehensive comparison of select competitors with your own branding.

Marketing Stategy

Step 4: What are the environmental factors you need to consider?

The most obvious, life changing, industry changing and consumer buying pattern changing environmental factor currently in play is, of course, COVID-19.

You need to ascertain how your market is reacting and how they could react int the future to the new COVID-19 economy.

Marketing Plan

Step 5: What is your business story?

Once you have the answers to steps 1 through 4 in the #Wikid Marketing Plan, it’s time to craft the marketing, and that starts with your business story.

When you are word weaving your business story, whether it’s for social media, the website or press releases, keep in mind:

  • Your objectives
  •  Your customers’ biggest problem
  •  What your competitors are up to
  • The environment of your market.

For expert word weaving advice contact the Wikid Agency here


Step 6: Measurement of Success

Step 1 and Step 6 in the #Wikid Marketing Plan go hand in glove.  If you don’t know what you want, you can’t measure it and if you can’t measure it you can’t see if you are achieving your goals – Read more here.

The Wikid Agency is passionate about developing marketing that produces results.  Our team starts with objective and the metrics so that we can show you real business results fast.


Step 7: The Action Plan

Only once you have all the aspects of the #Wikid Marketing Plan in place is it time to start with the action plan.  Your action plan needs to be carefully aligned with each step so that it creates a marketing tapestry that weaves your business story, the solution to your customers’ problems and the objectives you want to achieve together across multiple media platforms.

If you don’t have the time or the headspace for creating a #Wikid Marketing Plan for your business, then give the Wikid Agency a call for #KickAss Marketing that produces results. Contact us here.