It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. While this may be true of peace treaties and the like, it is equally true for the power words have to sway your audience to engage with and buy products and services and thus increase sales.  The Wikid Agency has proven time and again that the right words paired with the right images placed on the right media platforms generate results. And by results we mean more sales leads and ultimately more money.

Before we get into the 3 ways, you can use the power of words to your brand’s benefit, we need to take a moment to explain how most audiences engage with brands online.

website speed

Audiences often get first exposure to a brand through social media.  This includes posts shared by an online friend and social media advertising. These posts link to a website.

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If an audience member is interested in the content of a post, they will click through to the associated website. Once they are on the website they want to explore, either the product or service in question or more about the brand/organisation.

So, for truly effective marketing you need a well-designed, SEO optimised, cleverly worded website AND excellent social media posts and social media adverts presented to your audience across a range of social media platforms.

Words on both the website and the social media posts and adverts have the power to convince your audience to engage.

Conversely, poorly written websites and social media posts have the power to disengage potential audience members so, the words you choose to describe what you do are critically important. So important, in fact, that we’ve put these 3 wording concepts together to help you influence your audience and increase sales.

increase sales through the power of words#1 Neurolinguistics

Neurolinguistics is a fascinating field of study detailing the influence of words on the brain – read more here.

One of the best applications of Neurolinguistics is a case study in a local supermarket.  The shop owner wanted to increase the sale of ice in his shop.  The sign on the ice freezer read “Don’t forget the ice”.  Applying some basic Neurolinguistic thinking which suggests that the brain automatically removes negative words such as don’t, no, unable, the sign on the ice read “Don’t forget the ice”.  The shop owner rephrased the advert as “remember the ice” and saw a marked increase in ice sales.

Regardless of the product you are selling, applying positive words to communication with customers is more likely to result in a positive brand reaction, increased engagement and ultimately more sales.

The Wikid Word Weaver is an expert at applying neurolinguistic principles to marketing. You can find out more about the Wikid team here.

#2 Story telling

The next aspect of word mongering that plays a critical role in the efficacy of your marketing material, is the ability to contextualise and appropriate your products and services into your potential customers worlds.  In other words, your brand needs to tell stories that engage your customer.

At the Wikid Agency we use a narrative approach to marketing in which we identify brand stories that relate to your target audience.  Read more about Narrative Psychology here. We then weave these stories through examples, audience centric themes and product or service contextualisation into a comprehensive brand voice that permeates the social media platforms your customers inhabit.

Because stories are such a pervasive and comfortable meaning making medium customers can instantly relate to and picture themselves using your brand to solve their problems.

The Wikid Word Weavers are not only trained and experienced in marketing but also have narrative training so that the power of stories can be harnessed for your brand. Read more about us here.

#3 Word of mouth marketing

We have yet to come across a brand that doesn’t crave the holy grail of marketing… “Word of Mouth Marketing”.  The reason this form of marketing is so highly sought after is because it brings a level of credibility to the brand from an outside source. Read more here.

Interestingly Word of Mouth Marketing doesn’t use fancy graphics or videos… all it takes is a few well-placed words from a happy customer and your brand could soar.

The Wikid Agency Word Weavers assist you to identify current customers or potential brand influencers who could provide the credibility your brand needs to convince potential customers to engage and purchase your products or services. Get in touch with us here.

Whether you are setting up a website, working on social media platforms or looking to increase sales through refreshing your marketing, making sure the words describing your brand are working hard is critically important for the success of your business.

Contact the Wikid Agency here today to find out more about our #KickAss marketing that delivers results.