Admin… the bane of everyone’s existence! It’s those bits and pieces of life and running a business that you tend to put off, either because you forget, or because it’s at the very bottom of your to do list. But just like forgetting to service your car can lead to a catastrophic breakdown, not maintaining your website could be costing you dozens of customers, which is why website maintenance is critical to the health of your business.

At the Wikid Agency, we’ve put together 2 key reasons why our monthly website maintenance packages are the very best thing you can do for your business.


Reason #1: Monthly website maintenance prevents website disaster.

There are currently 1.5 billion websites but of these only 200 million of these websites are active, combine that with 89 779 Google searches per second and you begin to see why it is so important that your website maintenance keeps your site live and active online. View source here.

If you have a brand-new sparkly website designed today, and you do nothing with it at all, within just a few months there will be aspects of that website that no longer work properly, and it will fall into the 1.3 billion websites that are not active and not easily accessible to customers.

Some of these elements could affect the security certificate of your website. Security certificates dovetail with most users’ virus protection software. If the security certificate is out of date because there is no website maintenance, when your potential customer clicks on your website link, they will be notified that your site’s security certificate is out of date and the site is considered “unsafe”. Read more about SSL certificates here.

While most browsers do offer customers the opportunity to click through to your site, almost no one does because although most people aren’t tech geniuses, they do know that malware does scary and expensive things to machines.

SSL certificates or security certificates are just one of a number of examples of background software you are probably unaware of that requires regular updating to keep your site running smoothly.

Without monthly website maintenance in place, the chances of your site functionality breaking down increases exponentially.

The Wikid Agencies affordable monthly website maintenance plans, which you can find out more about here,  ensure that the technical functionality of your website remains up to date so that you can rest assured that the background technical stuff you don’t really want to spend hours studying is taken care of by people who really know what they are doing.

Reason #2: Websites need to appear alive!

Just like running a brick-and-mortar store, running a website requires constant updates to delight and draw customers to the site regularly. The Wikid Agency website maintenance plans, which you can read more about here,  can include a variety of content changes that will keep your website relevant.

 We’ve put together 4 of the most important aspects you need to think about as part of your website maintenance content refreshing plan.


1. Website maintenance helps to keep your keywords up to date.

Constant keyword research and content updating as part of your website maintenance plan will help to ensure that your site has better organic search engine optimisation which means you will rank higher on search engines.  For more information on why this is so important read our article on SEO here.

 2. Website maintenance ensures your customers can get hold of you.

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a product on service online that you fall in love with only to be unable to contact the company because their contact details are out of date.  Although changing contact details obviously isn’t something you will need to do every month, having up to date contact details is critical to capturing potential sales leads.

The Wikid Agency website maintenance packages, which you can find out about here,  provide you with the quick turnaround you need to change aspects of your website like contact details.

3. Website maintenance helps to keep your brand fresh and relevant.

Online design trends evolve over time which can leave your website feeling dated.  Just a few design and layout changes on your website could completely refresh your brand positioning you as a leader in your industry.

As part of your website maintenance schedule the Wikid Agency is able to provide you with a design update schedule to keep your website fresh and exciting.

4. Website maintenance helps you build brand credibility.

Part of the website maintenance package offered by the Wikid Agency includes regularly uploading blog posts.

Why do you need blog posts?

  • Blog posts give your brand a voice on industry topics and establish you as the expert in the industry. 
  • Blog posts give you the opportunity to tap into long tail key words which are critical for SEO (take a look at our SEO article here)
  • Blog post content draws readers and other sites to link with your website.

You can read more about the benefits of blog posts here.

Other than staying up to date with taxes, which you should read about here, maintaining your website is the other absolutely critical bit of admin that you need to be attending to for the ongoing functionality of your business.

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